Brightening Serum with Glutathione

The nutrient-rich formula helps even skin tone and restore radiance.


The Serum helps to even skin tone and restore skin's natural radiance.

It slows down the visible premature signs of aging leaving it glowing and radiant.

Glutathione is an organic compound rich in beneficial values, naturally occurring in the human body.
It influences the inhibition of emerging pigmentation changes or discoloration of various origins. It evens out the structure and color of the skin. It provides a detoxifying effect, as well as a rebuilding effect, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

Retinol is a well-known ingredient that prevents signs of skin aging. It exhibits anti-wrinkle and revitalizing effects.


• Brightens the skin
• Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles
• Restores the skin's natural radiance


• Glutathione
• Retinol
• Vitamin C


The effectiveness of the product was confirmed by application tests.

88.6% of applicants confirmed that the product inhibits the appearance of pigmentation changes on the skin.
100% of probants confirmed that application of the product made their complexion look radiant.
88.6% of applicants confirmed that there was an improvement in the evenness of skin tone when using the product.

Dermatologically tested


Apply 2-3 drops of the Serum on your cleansed skin and massage gently onto face, neck and décolletage.

Use in the evening. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

If the contact occurs, rinse with water.

Avoid sunbathing and use sun protection SPF50 while using this product.

Avoid contact with eyes. If the contact occurs, rinse with water.

The product should not be used by pregnant women and during pharmacological acne treatment.

Use only as directed.


• 30 ml



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