Collagen Facial Mask

Firming Facial Mask rich in active ingredients help keep your skin firm and radiant.
The mask is in the form of a sheet which gives you fast results.


The formula is rich in anti-aging and radiance brightening ingredients.

Marine Collagen Amino Acids penetrate the skin and help to improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Caviar Extract helps to slow down the ageing process, regenerates and strongly moisturizes.

Wild Rose revitalizes the skin, gives it a healthy tone, makes it more youthful and firmer.

Siberian Ginseng rich in vitamins and minerals regenerates, nourishes the skin and improves the color of dull, tired skin.

The formula is light and quickly absorbs into the skin leaving it firm and very well moisturized.

The form of a sheet provides hygienic use and quick results.


•  Helps improve skin firmness and elasticity
•  Helps slow down the ageing process
• Strongly moisturizes the skin
•  Regenerates the skin and helps keep a healthy skin tone


• Marine Collagen Amino Acids
• Caviar Extract
• Wild Rose Extract
• Siberian Ginseng Extract


Dermatologically tested


Apply the Facial Mask onto cleansed skin. Remove after 15-20 minutes and massage

in the excess liquid. Single-use mask. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

If the product gets into eyes rinse with water.

Keep out of reach of children.


• 1 pc



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