Revitalizing Facial Toner

Revitalizing Facial Toner is dedicated to the daily care of skin lacking firmness and radiance.

The active ingredients contained in the formula influence the skin’s moisturization, while the lactic acid restores its proper pH allowing the active ingredients to work better.


The formula, enriched with Marine Collagen in Amino Acid form and Caviar Extract, works to promote anti-aging and nourishing effects.

A composition of natural plant Extracts of Peony and Rosehip restore the skin's natural radiance.

Lactic Acid restores the proper pH of the skin and prepares it for further steps of skin care.


• Restores the proper pH of the skin
• Prepares for the next skin care steps
• Ensures better absorption of active ingredients


• Marine Collagen in Amino Acid form
• Caviar Extract
• Lactic Acid
• Panthenol


Dermatologically tested


Apply the Toner on your face using cotton pad or your hands, wait until completely absorbed.

Follow with COLLAGEN Serum and Cream. Use twice a day.

Recommended for daily care of every skin type with first signs of ageing.


• 100 ml



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